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Pioneers of a new connection experience.

EvoRoom® connects brands to people. Products to consumers. The commercial network to partners.

It is configured as an integrated and transversal tool in terms of product communication, marketing and brand-awareness in different ways and wherever a connection is desired between a remote user and an ideal space in which you want to welcome him.

Here are some selected projects.

 (last update: 11/2021)

To create value.

The new experiences possible thanks to virtual reality are the subject of studies and of great interest by the most important global digital players.

EvoRoom® is configured today as an investment with tangible value in the short, medium and long term.

The possibility of transporting, through a display or a VR viewer, people from any point in the world in an immersive scenario, with spaces and objects with which it is possible to interact, is the new frontier of the connection between brands, customers and partners.

An evolution that completes the user-experience (e.g. of a website or a digital catalog) and erases any barrier. Geographical or social.

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EvoRoom® is a digital product designed and supplied by the plasma® creative management team. Would you like to know more?

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Briefing & Meeting room
Via Michele Kerbaker, 23
Galleria Vanvitelli, c/o Pluritrading
ph. +39 081 1996 8482

Napoli - north area

Digital production studio
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(a 2 km da Stazione A.V. Napoli – Afragola)
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Briefing Office
7 Quake Street
Shoreditch – E16S
ph. +44 20 7855 2570

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