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DELIVERY DATE: Work in progress (last update: June 2021)

SMART FUNCTIONS: Planimetric map with optical cones; External link to E-commerce; Photo gallery

COMPLEMENTARY SERVICES: CAD modeling; Hosting & Report of visits



Karim Rashid, recognized as one of the most important and prolific designers of our century, wishes to exhibit his most important projects in an Interactive Virtual Museum. Each of the products on display must be equipped with a specific card that shows the year of implementation of the project, the client company, the commercial name of the product and a photo gallery.


Design and build the first interactive virtual museum in the world dedicated to a designer. Bringing out the eclectic and recognizable style of Karim Rashid through the interior architecture and the exhibition concept. Telling and treating the individual pieces of furniture as real sculptural works of art.

The project:

The project, under construction, immediately focused on one of the three concepts proposed to the client.

The architecture of the space, whose plan takes shape from a specific geometric design by Rashid, preserves and transmits all the values ​​that have made the designer famous all over the world: sinuous shapes, curved surfaces and the use of particular light sources, a chromatic moodboard with vivid and fluorescent shades.

The branching of the various exhibition areas, each dedicated to a particular family of products, is designed to intrigue and guide the visitor along a path to discover some of the most famous milestones of contemporary design signed by Karim Rashid.

Watch the demo:

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