What is it?

EvoRoom® is a virtual showroom that can be used online and offline with any device, including VR headsets and glasses.

A new way of communicating with the public,
which combines the exploration of the exhibition space, typical of real showrooms, with a higher level of interaction that allows the visitor to consult information, images, videos and documents regarding the products on display

EvoRoom® is a completely customizable exhibition space
with innovative methods of interaction between the customer and the brand: a strategic solution for companies that intend to show their collections and catalog products to the public, without geographical, social, spatial and temporal limitations.

EvoRoom® che cos'è

How it Works?

Visiting the virtual exhibition space is an immersive, dynamic, engaging experience in which the visitor is free to move around the space and interact with the products on display. 

The virtual walkway inside the exhibition areas allows you to view the environments and products displayed from any angle, with the possibility of zooming in on details and construction details without reducing the quality of the image.



Cut costs,
captures the audience
and tell your products effectively.



EvoRoom® allows you to place products in an ideal context and to create empathy with the public: the goal is to achieve effective storytelling even at a distance, to capture an ever wider audience, and effectively convey the values of the brand and the characteristics of the products, remotely.

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Create your virtual industry event

EvoRoom® allows you to set up a virtual fair and welcome the public in a captivating interactive scenario. You will be able to present the new collections, introduce the news and effectively present your products by providing all the necessary information, such as technical datasheets, product variants, simulations, and contextualizations.
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A new concept of presentation

With EvoRoom® you can present products remotely in an engaging way in a virtual environment where the attention threshold of the visitor audience is always high.
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Innovative online conferences

With EvoRoom® you can organize video calls with the commercial network and customers in a completely new way: you can use your virtual space for online conferences, webinars, product and service presentations, choosing whether to guide the interlocutors yourself or let them move freely in an engaging and information-rich scenario: the ones you think are right to provide.
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360° immersion and emotion

EvoRoom® is designed primarily to arouse emotions. The visitor, immersed in an interactive scenario, devotes all his attention to what you want, living a new and engaging visual experience.
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A new way of communicating information

In the EvoRoom ® virtual showroom the user can choose what to observe, move freely in the space, interact with the products and collect all the information you wish to be transmitted to the public.
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Visits that become conversions

EvoRoom® is the tool that allows you to increase your visibility, number of visits, and the time spent on your website. The possibility of integrating EvoRoom ® with your e-commerce is oriented, on the one hand, with the increase of purchases and, on the other hand, to leave give the visitor a memory of a new and engaging experience, which leads to a purchase. The virtual showroom, therefore, can transform visits into conversions.
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Photorealism means clarity

The images at the base of the EvoRoom® project are high-resolution digital files that guarantee aesthetic rendering, the definition of detail, and the truthfulness of colors. The possibility of enjoying the visit in full-screen mode or with a viewer for virtual reality, transforms the excellent aesthetic rendering of the images into an experience similar to a visit to a physical space, with the possibility of getting to know the products in every aspect you wish.
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An evolving space

EvoRoom® is a virtual space that can be updated, modified and integrated at any time. You will be able to expand or redesign the spaces in view of the release of a new collection, create newly designated areas and new products or product categories or dedicate specific areas to conferences and trade fairs.
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Training and interaction on a new level

EvoRoom® is also the virtual space suitable for those sectors in which e-learning finds greater application. The virtual space allows users to be hosted in an ideal photorealistic context and offers new possibilities for what concerns active training with new multimedia presentation tools and functional interaction between speaker and audience.


Two typologies, endless possibilities.
How is it realized?


The implementation of EvoRoom® can start from two different project inputs, depending on the needs of the specific requests of the client:


360° Photo

The use of panoramic photography for the construction of EvoRoom® allows you to make a truly realistic virtual environment. In this case, for example, a physical showroom or shop can be transferred to a virtual environment to allow potential customers to visit the spaces remotely, without any limitation, interact with the products on display and purchase them.

360° Rendering

The use of photorealistic rendering allows you to design and configure a virtual exhibition space without any limitations. It is not necessary to have a real exhibition space, nor to physically possess all the products that you intend to exhibit within EvoRoom®. The architectural exhibition and lighting project is elaborated starting from a blank sheet, with infinite possibilities of development according to the specific needs of the client.

Method, times and costs of development

The tools and technology available, combined with the special skills of the project team, allow us to create a virtual exhibition space for products and collections, with reduced times and costs compared to a physical space.

EvoRoom® is an innovative digital design and production service, tailored to the company or brand: contact our sales department to obtain an evaluation of development times and costs.

Main features

EvoRoom®  is a memorable immersive experience  
in a space of limitless possibilities, dedicated to the brand and products, with exceptional features:


Photorealistic or photographic rendering

of the environments and products on display, for a visual experience close to reality


Freedom of choice as regards:

amount of space intended for exhibition, number of collections, products and variants on display, type of exhibition environment (lights, colors, materials, furnishings), virtual positioning of the space in a potentially geographical context visible from the outside


Multimedia integration of the information kit of the products

on display in the showroom: characteristics, datasheets, variants, images, videos, and external links (including links to platforms, websites, and e-commerce)


Flexibility and modularity of the space

relating to the exhibition areas of the showroom, with the possibility of modifying, integrating, replacing, and expanding the environments, collections, and products on display


Usability of the immersive virtual experience

from any device and display, even with a VR viewer, both online and offline

What multimedia contents can you insert in EvoRoom®?

EvoRoom® allows the insertion, within the virtual showroom, of digital content of any kind. Therefore it is highly engaging and customizable.

Thanks to dedicated hotspots, positioned on areas, products on display, or other elements of interaction, the visitor can interact, obtain information, and be intrigued by what attracts him best.

Product information

Images, datasheets, variants, and all the information necessary to exhibit the products and the contents related to them.


Video contents that can be viewed during the visit, with the possibility of sharing them directly on the most important social networks.


It is possible to view, save and print contents in PDF format while visiting the virtual showroom.

Audio and voice guidance

It is possible to insert soundtracks, atmospheric music and audio tracks that vary from one environment to another according to the mood of the exhibition.

3D models

The products on display can also be viewed individually, in the form of a photorealistic three-dimensional model that can be zoomed, rotated, and arranged in any perspective: this allows every detail to be revealed and allows the visitor to have an in-depth knowledge of the product.

Voice Lead

It is possible to insert an audio guide that accompanies the visitor, with insights and details on the products displayed as well as other information.

Photo gallery

The galleries offer a broader overview of the configuration possibilities of products and collections and they can be downloaded and shared by visitors.

Web Links

Hotspots can be directly linked to specific pages of the website, simplifying and speeding up redirection and increasing visits.


Hotspots can redirect directly to specific e-commerce pages, simplify navigation on very complex stores and facilitate the conversion process for sale.


 It is possible to organize and schedule appointments and share an invitation to participate in the visit in which a single organizer can choose whether to guide all users simultaneously or leave them the freedom to move and explore the spaces live.



In the case of live guided tours, EvoRoom® visitors can exchange messages and ask questions with the tour guide through a chat, enhancing the browsing experience and gathering the most relevant information.


EvoRoom® can use chatbot automation to interact with visitors when there is no remote guide, in order to answer visitors’ questions and redirect to a direct contact for any further information regarding the products on display.


With EvoRoom® it is possible to receive contact requests from visitors via e-mail. The interactive virtual showroom can be transformed into the ideal lead generation platform.

Video-calls & smart-meeting:

People, showrooms, commercial networks, abroad: they have never been so connected before.

Evoroom® allows an organizer (host) to welcome a series of visitors and interact with them through the native integrated video-call functionality.

All participants can enjoy the native resolution of the project and fully experience the navigation experience (both in free mode and guided by the host), as it is the video call that is hosted in the tour.

The use of this feature does not require the installation of additional software, neither by the organizer (access via authentication credentials) or visitors (access via an invitation link to the tour or via the call button, visible only when the host is available).

Who is it for?

Each company
has its own virtual space


EvoRoom® was officially born to cope with the difficulties faced by companies following the pandemic of the years 2020-21, addressing in the first instance to production companies in the furniture and design sector, unable to participate in sector fairs, show their new products to the public through traditional channels and easily interact with the sales network through traditional meetings and conferences. EvoRoom® was born in these circumstances and evolves with infinite perspectives and possibilities for producers, retailers and visitors.

EvoRoom® has been designed for companies wishing to trace their own path towards the future, as pioneers, making possible new experiences related to the brand: a strategic solution to show their collections and the products of their catalog to the public, without geographical, social, spatial and temporal limitations.

Sectors of intervention:

  •  Furniture and Design
  •  Manufacturing
  •  Industrial
  •  Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Devices
  •  Fashion
  •  Museums
  • Art galleries
  • Retailers
Karim Rashid VR Museum
Designer's masterpieces exhibit
Relax Design
The Black Label VR show-room
Mondoffice VR Shop
Office furniture show-room

EvoRoom® for your events

EvoRoom® allows you to create your sector event in virtual reality, with a series of important advantages:

• Increased visibility of brands, products and values associated with the brand
• Innovative and pioneering market position compared to its competitors
• Project tailored to your specific needs and your target audience
• Support tool for online and offline marketing campaigns
• High technology easy to use
• Rationalized investment in compliance with company budgets with a superlative result


The tour and the contents accessible anytime, anywhere, without limitations.

EvoRoom® the interactive virtual showroom that can be integrated into a website or an e-commerce site. EvoRoom® can be consulted from any device, online and offline (when EvoRoom® is viewed from an executable file) or from virtual reality devices, such as VR glasses and headsets. All the contents of the virtual exhibition space can be shared on the web and on the main social network platforms to reach consolidated or potential targets and intrigue them with innovative and engaging digital content.


One project, infinite evolutions.


The CAD model at the base of EvoRoom® is the result of an initial briefing with the client in which identifies with the guidelines of the exhibition project, the mood of the interior spaces, the lighting system, the mood board of materials, and colors, and other fundamental aspects of the showroom.
The initially defined space can evolve with additions, extensions and modifications of any kind, following the rhythm of seasonal updates, keeping up with the introduction of new collections and products and retaining all the characteristics capable of stimulating and intriguing all visitors both new and regular ones.

Possibility of developing EvoRoom®

EvoRoom® is the virtual exhibition and interactive space which, once fully operational, allows you to perform a series of completion activities like a real space:


You can get high-resolution static images of the products on display, perfect for the product catalog, website, or social networks.


You can organize the launch of new products and collections with captivating videos that will intrigue the public.


You can show the upcoming news to the sales network by previewing products and collections in dedicated and exclusive spaces, motivating sellers, and providing a unique tool to act skillfully and with foresight within the relevant market.


Sustainable strategie, value to the brand


EvoRoom® is a virtual environment that can also be easily integrated into physical, real exhibition spaces, through the installation of interactive totems and special stations equipped with monitors or VR viewers: in this way the exhibition possibilities within the space itself can be increased. (for example shops or resellers), displaying the products of one or more brands in dedicated virtual areas

EvoRoom® is a valuable investment for companies that are committed to respecting the environment and the future of the next generations, a safe turning point in terms of eco-sustainability and reduction of environmental impact, as well as an economically advantageous solution, able to completely eliminate the ordinary costs necessary for a traditional exhibition space.

• Zero environmental impact, zero costs for handling vehicles, goods and people
• No costs for management, purchase, rental, physical space, maintenance, or personnel.
• No costs for the production, transport, deterioration, and maintenance of the products on display.

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