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Mondoffice s.p.a., a leading European company in the trade of articles dedicated to workspaces, requires a virtual exhibition showroom to present the new collections, divided by areas of relevance (reception, smart working, break, office, meeting). Each product displayed must be linked to the respective reference for sale on the company E-commerce.


Present the new collections, combining the different products for sale in furnished display boxes.

Connect each of the models on display to the references (single products or product families) on the official e-commerce to monitor the most viewed and purchased products, increase conversions and traffic to the website.

The project:

The initial briefing allowed us to gather information, objectives, requests and expectations. The project concept started from an idea of ​​branching exhibition paths from a central core, with macro-areas for each relevant sector and individual exhibition boxes from 20 to 60 square meters.

The exhibition space is located in a redeveloped industrial warehouse of about 3 thousand square meters, consisting of an important central square, from which several ” walkways ” start, destined for the individual areas of relevance, each of which is equipped with individually furnished exhibition stands.

For each of them, a mood-board of materials and colors was created in relation to the selection of products to be exhibited inside.

The balance between natural lights and artificial sources has made it possible to obtain an optimal result in terms of naturalness of the space, photorealism and correspondence to the intended use of the customer-type.

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